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Do the Wi-Fi Extenders/Boosters really work?

Wi-Fi Range Extenders/Internet Booster

Getting reliable wi-fi around the entire house can be a challenge. How many of you had the luxury of running wired Internet throughout your entire house? Probably not many of you. Are you worry by signal loss or slow internet connections in some corners of your home or yard? The Best option is the use of a dual-band Wi-Fi Extenders.

Wi-Fi extenders also are known as wi-fi boosters or internet signal boosters rebroadcast your router’s wireless signal. Rebroadcast mean catches your router WIFI signal and send them again with maximum frequency. Many extenders are dual-band, dual-band means one band communicates with your router and the other band talks to your devices.

Within the past decade, Wireless has, without a doubt, become the most common way of accessing the Internet, especially within a typical household. But the truth is it’s not as reliable as hardwiring your devices, but there are products out there to help you with this issue. So that begs today’s question.

 Do the Wi-Fi extenders work?

In my house, the wireless router doesn’t provide enough range to all corners of my house. Wi-Fi Extendersamplifies the router signal and provides better network coverage to all corners of my house. Some extenders plug into the wall and can find problematic areas of your house. Another boosters’ site on a table or shelf. Through their powerful antennas, they cover the large yard or several rooms with robust wi-fi coverage.

In the past, we had routed some cables through the floors in the walls back. When wireless Internet was nowhere near as good as it is today, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. At this moment in time, we still have the ISP-provided modem,


but it does support dual-band AC Wi-Fi, so it does get the job done. Except modem is in a location that would require both the drilling of some holes and a ridiculously long cable to reach anything that can be used. Now my motherboard never came with any built-in Wi-Fi, so for the past couple of years, I’ve been using one of these little rinky-dink USB adapters.

USB adapters

Not the best solution, but it works for me doing a general speed test on the five gigahertz network connection with this adapter. It wasn’t uncommon for me to get download speeds of less than one megabyte per second,

Speed test with adapter

and upload speeds weren’t much better, and this confused me.

Upload speed

I would end up getting better speeds on the 2.4 gigahertz Network. But why is that, well it comes down to the wavelength of the signals.

Wavelength of the signals

The lower frequency of a 2.4 gigahertz connection means that they can travel through obstacles like walls much more comfortable than the higher rate of a five gigahertz connection.

Travels through obstacles like walls

So it makes sense that would we be getting these speeds? Since the signal has to go through a wall and a set of stairs, so what’s my solution.

Netgear AC 750 Wi-Fi range extender

It is this a Netgear AC 750 Wi-Fi range extender. Now, this device works almost like a second router on its own, sort of it essentially duplicates your router’s information and connection properties,



Netgear AC 750 Wi-Fi range extender

which will then allow you to extend the range of your Wi-Fi by merely plugging it into an outlet.

Wi-Fi range extender and router connections

It’s pretty cool stuff, and the setup is extremely easy to, assuming around it supports a WPS security feature. What you want to do is take the device and plug it into the same room where your router is and wait for the power light to turn green. This will probably take a minute

Plugin extender

once it’s green, go ahead and press the WPS button on the extender and then the one on your router, then wait until this light turns solid green as well.

Press WPS button

Now for a five gigahertz connection, you want to repeat the same process. You don’t have to unplug it, but go ahead and hit the WPS button one more time on both. And that’s it you’re ready to go in the pamphlet it’ll recommend that you place the extenders somewhere about halfway between the router and wherever you need better coverage. But I acted a little bit greedy and just plugged it into the outlet behind my PC. Now, if you open up your network settings now, you should see a couple more options. These should be exact duplicates of your regular networks but with a suffix EXT. Now, these are the extended networks, so you’re going to want to connect to these for better coverage. The password is going to be precisely the same.



 Now it’s time for a speed test

Look at the download speed after the extender working

Download speed

and upload speed

Upload speed

Both results

upload and download speed

I was not disappointed—There’s nothing more to say this device, at least for me worked. I was a little hesitant whenever I went out to purchase this and made sure to keep the receipt handy just in case I wanted to return it, but based on the performance I’ve seen, I don’t plan to return this device, and of course with any wireless connection.

My experience with Wi-Fi Extenders

My house has unforgiving plaster walls and thick wooden floors that impede my Wi-Fi signal. I took one extender home and tried it out, that is it really works or not? I place the NETGEAR AC750 on the first floor and my router was located on the ground floor.

I went to my bedroom that consistently suffers from slow internet speed. I switched my phone wi-fi connection between the booster and rooter to compare results. For results, I use NETGEAR’s Genie app. I also use Okla.’s speed test to measure download speed. Here are the results with the booster swathed off.

Netgear AC750

As I said before, it’s not perfect, and if you do have the ability to run wired cables throughout your entire house to your devices, then I would highly recommend doing that. Connecting a tool directly into your router will always give you better and more reliable performance than any wireless connection. But for the sake of convenience, if you need Wireless, this Wi-Fi Extender gets my recommendation.



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