I-O DATA Default Login – Username, Password, and IP Address

Default IP for I-O DATA   100%

Pick the correct IP address from the list above, based on your local IP address, and click Admin. You should be redirected to your Wi-Fi router admin interface.

Default Logins for I-O DATA

IP Address:

I-O DATA Router Login

Follow given instructions to login to your I-O DATA Wi-Fi Router.

🔥 Connect I-O DATA router cable to your Computer or Laptop. Or use your wireless network (needs credentials – username and password).
Tip: Its best for you to use a wired connection when setting up your I-O DATA Wi-Fi router. Because this prevents the risk of suddenly being logged off while saving your I-O DATA router changes.

🔥 Open the web browser (chrome, safari, Bing) of your choice and type IP address of your I-O DATA router in the URL (address bar). You can get your router’s IP address from the back of your I-O DATA router.

🔥Then enter the default username and password – credentials – of your I-O DATA router by accessing the login panel. If you do not know your I-O DATA router’s default username and password, you can try one of the default passwords for I-O DATA routers. Or if you have changed your router default credentials that know how to recover them.

I-O DATA Router Help

If you are unable to login to your I-O DATA router, then it means you are entering the wrong credentials (username and password). Remember while changing your I-O DATA router username and password make a note of both.

🔥 Forgot Login Password? Then try hard resetting your I-O DATA router to its default factory settings. To hard reset your I-O DATA router, press and hold the small button normally found at the back side of your I-O DATA router for around fifteen seconds. This will reset your I-O DATA Wi-Fi router to its default factory settings and will accept the default credentials.

🔥 Is Router Login Page not loading? Confirm that your device (mobile, laptop, PC) is connected to the Wi-Fi. Also check that if the wrong router IP address is set as the default one.

🔥 Sometimes pages have some issues i.e. loading problems or speed. In this situation, probably your network is using a different IP address. If this situation occurs, then check our I-O DATA routers IP address list and find the right address. You can also visit our tutorial on how to find your router’s IP address.

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