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tp-link extender installation guide

Quick Setup Via WPS Button

In this article, we will show you how to set up your TP-link 300-megabit Universal Wi-Fi range extender the TL-WA850RE.

Follow the following steps

Place the TP-link 300-megabit Universal Wi-Fi range extender near your wireless router or access point and turn it on

while plugin extender, wait until LED start flashing

Then wait until the wireless LED starts flashing

tp-link extender guide WPS/QSS button

For Routers which Supports the WPS/QSS function press the WPS/QSS button on your router

press WPS/QSS button


press tp-link extender RE button

Then press the RE button on the TP-link 300-megabit Universal Wi-Fi range extender

It may take up to two minutes for the router and range extender to connect. When the range extender light becomes a solid blue, the process is complete, and you will have a seamless wireless network.

If your router in the range extender does not connect using the WPS/QSS function, then please follow the following steps to reset the range extender.

tp-link extender, without WPS

Setup Vis Web Browser

tp-link extender restore before method two

tp-link reset to factory settings

At the same time, the range extender is still plugged in with the power on, use a pin to press the reset button on the bottom panel, and wait until all the LEDs flashes once.

tp-link extender

Then choose between a wired or wireless setup to use an Ethernet connection.

tp-link extender connect with ethernet cable

Insert one end of an Ethernet cable into the underside of the range extender and the other into your computer

connect ethernet with laptop

Please note during the setup process, and it is crucial to disconnect your computer from all wireless networks then wait until the LED flashes on the range extender.

flashed wait

To Connect Wirelessly

check tp-link extender connectivity

To connect wirelessly, click the wireless network icon on your desktop, click the refresh button and select TL-WA850RE then click connect. Now the two devices are connected.

tp-link credentials

Open a web browser and type in http://tp-linkextender.net in the address field then use the following details to log in. Log in with username admin and password admin. For log in issues visit here

tp-link extender

Once you have successfully logged in, the quick setup start page will appear. Click Next to follow the quick setup guide.

tp-link extender

Then select the United Kingdom as your region then click Next to continue to wait a few seconds while the TP-link range extender detects the surrounding wireless networks.

select router

Once the local networks are listed, select your main Rooter network and press next.

change password

Enter your existing wireless routers password and next and click finish to complete the quick setup. Please note this connection may take up to two minutes to complete. It is normal. Please be patient.

Once the setup process is complete, the TP-link range extender will remember your Rooter settings so you can move it without going through the setup process again to maximize the range of extender’s performance. You will need to position it within the scope of your wireless router.

smart signal indicator

The LED lights or the friends help you gauge the best position for your range extender. We recommend you choose a spot where you get at least three bars once the range extender is set up. You will no longer see the TL-WA850RE as a wireless network option. It is disappeared because the TP-link range extender has cloned your wireless router settings to create a seamless wireless network. From now on, simply connect to the wireless network as usual.


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