💡Easy Setup TP-LINK TL-WR840N Access Point Mode

LAN cable between tp-link and modem

Setup Your TP-LINK in access point mode

In this setup guide, we’ll use a connected LAN cable between TP-Link and Internet modem to setup TP-LINK access point mode. We need a connected LAN cable between TP-LINK and Internet modem. TP-LINK will broadcast wifi for devices such as mobile phones, tabs, and laptops, etc.

In Access Point mode, TP-LINK does not issue an IP address. Access point mode will help TP-LINK work better.

Router Setup Page App

Install this App to access router admin panel with just a click.



Step 1:

  • Open a web browser e.g chrome or safari and enter TP-LINK’s IP address in your browser.
  • In credentials window put username and password “admin”. For login issue visit here.

default login and password of TP-LINK

Step 2:

Go to operation mode and select the Access point second option. Then click save option.

access point option

TP-Link will restart automatically. Wait a minute. There are some changes like in the left menu, some functions have been removed. If you find Access Point mode in status then we have successfully switched to Access Point mode.

check status of TP-LINK access point

Step 3:

Set your wifi name and password.

  • Go to Wireless option at the left menu
  • Select basic settings and name the wifi at “Wireless Network Name”. In this example TP-Link_AP.
  • Click Save and wait for a short period.
  • Now set up the password for wifi. Go to Wireless Security and select WPA2_PSK for version and AES for encryption.
  • Set a password in “Wireless Password” and click save.
  • Again wait for a little period.

Setup Wireless Security

Step 4:

  • Check your wifi connection.

Check result by connecting with router

To know more about TP-LINK routers visit here

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