💡TP-Link Travel Router TL-WR902AC – Official Review

AC750 Wireless Travel Router TL-WR902AC

TP-Link wireless travel router TL-WR902AC Review

The Internet has become an essential part of our life. If we are at any place and we find some slow internet, then its easy to feel frustrated. When you are traveling, you need high-speed Internet. Often, hotels provide you only a single wired ethernet port, which is not enough for your ease. It’s also not viable to hold a household router with you. You need a portable high-speed internet wireless router ( TP-Link TL-WR902AC) that can smoothly go into your pocket.

For many years TP-Link is in the business to produce both affordable and reliable routers. A TP-Link wireless travel router is an affordable option for you that transforms any internet connection into a private AC750 dual-band wi-fi network. Today we’ll find out if this router can meet your needs.

Router Setup Page App

Install this App to access router admin panel with just a click.




router look


Inside the box, we get everything we need to get up and to run the speedy Internet.

router charger leads etc

We’ve got a micro USB 2 full-size USB cable to power the device and a UK power adapter. If you’re buying it in a different country, you will get a country-specific power adapter. We also get an Ethernet cable, a three-year warranty card, and some paperwork, including a quick installation guide. We also get this handy little card, where we can write down our login username, password, and SSID, and the wireless travel router itself.

TP-Link TL-WR902AC modes

The TP-Link wireless travel router is a handy device that provides a very speedy Internet. It has four different modes while you are traveling; you will get Router mode and hotspot mode. And while you’re at home, we will get client mode and range extender mode.

How TP-Link TL-WR902AC looks

This is what this tiny little device looks like, and when I say tiny, it is very, very portable and pocketable. On the front here, we’ve got a range of LED lights to give us various status feedback. We’ve also got a WPS switch for easy connection.

micro USB power ports

Along this edge here, we have got the micro USB power port. We’ve also got a reset switch, and we even got a USB port that you can plug a 3G or 4G USB dongle.

Ethernet port and modes swith

On this side here, we’ve got the Ethernet port, and then we’ve also got the mode switch, and this mode switch allows you to quickly and effectively change the different internet access settings.

router plugged in

So there we’ve got the Router plugged in and also connected via ethernet, and it is as simple as going to a website address to configure this to your particular settings. You can change the SSID name and also the access password, and this can be used in many different use case scenarios. For example, when you’re traveling, you could plug in a 3G or 4G dongle here

dongle here

And use mobile data indeed, if you’re perhaps going and got your hotel room. Then you can plug this into the Ethernet port and create your fantastic access point. So you’ve got your secure wireless connection for things like your smartphone in your tablet. It’s so so versatile in how you can use it super easy to set up and give you a stable and fast connection.

Need easy and little setup. Plugged it, turn on the hotspot and instantly use the network
It needs a very low power to run. Can run on just 5v USB
The size is very small. Can go smoothly into your pocket
Products feel fragile
You should know which mode you are using
You will not get the same range in an apartment or building with concrete walls

TP-Link wireless travel router Technical Features:

Hardware features

Wireless Features

Software Features

Other Features

You can know how to set up your TP-Link wireless travel router TL-WR902AC modes from here.

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