🔑100% Working Ways To Change Router IP Address

How to Change Router IP Address?

You can easily change your default IP Address to prevent DDoS attacks, bad guys access your admin panel, or just for safety. A user can configure a pre-assigned IP address that comes by your internet service provider according to his choice. Steps are given for TP-Link, D-Link, and NETGEAR. Other brands also have the same settings.


✍️ Login to your router by putting your router IP Address. If you forget then click here.
✍️ Once you logged in then navigate to Advanced>from the left side menu and go to “Setup”>LAN Setup.
✍️ Under LAN TCP/IP Setup, you will see your router IP Address. Change it according to your choice.

Change IP Address
In all the scenarios if something wrong then you can reset your router setting to its factory setting. Everything setting will be reverted back.


🔍 Login to your admin panel. If you are unable to login then click here.
🔍 Go to Advanced settings>Network>LAN.
🔍 You will find your IP Address under the IP Address field. Change it according to your choice.
🔍 Save it. The router will automatically be rebooted and changing will be applied

Change IP Address


✍️ Log in to your router admin page. If you forgot your route credentials then click here.
✍️ Go to Setup>Network Settings.
✍️ There you will find your router IP Address filed. Change it and save settings.

Change D-Link IP Address

To prevent unauthorized access protecting your WiFi network is a good thing. Follow some basic rules like enabling WPA2 encryption, disabling WPS, setting up a strong password, and adds more security, since it is an old method of synchronization between networks. Also, enable MAC-address filtering and update occasionally your router firmware.
If you have any trouble accessing your router configuration page then visit our homepage. We have described easy methods to access your router configuration page.
Know more about the IP Address from Wikipedia.

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